Elliot Page in a black weather against a gree background.

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Transhealth invites you to sponsor An Evening with Elliot Page: Fireside Chat and Birthday Benefit on Sunday, May 5th, at 7:30pm at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA. Celebrate and support Transhealth’s mission of expanding access to gender-affirming care with a powerful fireside chat that illuminates the power of hope, the warmth of joy, and the courage required to live authentically. Review our Sponsorship Packet, find the sponsorship level that’s right for you, and contact us at fundraising@transhealth.org.

About Elliot Page

Elliot Page is an Academy Award®-nominated actor, a director, a producer, a writer, and a New York Times bestselling author known for his indelible on-screen presence in both tentpole and art house films. His love for storytelling and passion for social justice has taken him behind the camera as a producer and documentary filmmaker whose work answers the call to action of a generation. A tireless champion of the under-represented, Elliot uses his global platform to shed light on important social and LGBTQ+ issues. Elliot’s work and advocacy are motivated and informed by the urgency of global issues which impact the most marginalized among us.

In 2020, Elliot announced in a moving message on social media that he is transgender. After coming out, Elliot received overwhelming support from the LGBTQ+ community and is now using his voice to speak out on issues of violence perpetrated against trans bodies, as well as confronting political leaders who seek to criminalize trans healthcare. In March of 2021, Elliot became the first transgender man to be featured solo on the cover of TIME.

Photo Credit: Catherine Opie