Fundraise for Transhealth

We are so excited you’re interested in raising much-needed funds for Transhealth!

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook offers an easy way to raise funds for Transhealth. In your Facebook account, from the main menu under “Create,” choose “Fundraiser.” When asked to choose your non-profit, type in Transhealth, Inc. and selected the listing located in Florence, MA. From there you can create your fundraising goal, choose the title for your fundraiser, write an introductory message, and invite friends to participate.

Host a Fundraising Event

Host an event at your home! Invite friends, family, neighbors, and community members, provide some good food and drink, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll give you a sample invitation you can tailor to meet your needs, provide advice and guidance, speak at the event about the work of Transhealth, and inspire your attendees to give.

Donate Proceeds

Are you a small business, artist, or musician looking to donate a percentage of your sales to Transhealth? We would love to help you with that!

Contact Us

Contact fundraising@transhealth.org for more information, advice, and guidance on how you can fundraise for Transhealth.