Lauri Meade

Lauri Meade, MD, She/They/ע

Board Member

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Internal Medicine

Additional Clinical Education

Yale New Haven Hospital, Baystate Medical Center


Activism, spirituality, walks on the beach, being in community, family time

Staff Bio

Lauri Meade, MD (she/they/ע) serves as a founding board member of Transhealth. She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, a Clinical Educator at Baystate High Street Health Center, and a Lead for the Health New England Be Healthy Accountable Care Organization at Baystate High Street Health Center.  

Lauri graduated from the University of California San Francisco Medical School and trained in internal medicine at Yale University and Baystate Health. Lauri is an associate professor of medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School-Baystate. They have had a continuous healing relationship with their patients for over 25 years, with general medicine clinical specialty areas including transgender health, women’s health, HIV, substance abuse, chronic pain, and correctional health. Lauri was formerly the director of clinical learning and development at Sound Physicians, a large physician practice across 250 hospitals in the U.S., where she implemented trainings for 2,500 hospitalists on empathy, end-of-life care, leadership, and provider wellness.  

Lauri has directed the transgender care provider team at Baystate High Street Health Center since its inception in 2006. During this time, they have also worked to enhance the transgender patient experience at Baystate Health with provider and staff awareness and system change. Lauri has collaborated on grants for medical student education in transgender health, as well as a current medical student project, “The founding of Q-Mass West, A UMMS-Baystate LGBT student group.” Lauri leads a Western Massachusetts provider collaborative for transgender-affirming care. In 2014, Lauri was awarded the inaugural Massachusetts Medical Society Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Award. 

Lauri’s professional aspirations have been deeply affected by national leaders of social justice. Lauri has had a vast amount of practice, research, and educational honors focused on diversity, health equity, transition of care from hospital to home, interprofessional education, and teamwork. She has had a myriad of clinic and education awards. They have had six medical student/resident teaching awards. She received the Hamden District Medical Society’s Oliver Wendell Holmes Stethoscope Award and the Stavros, Advocates for Independent Living, Paul Winske Access Award. Lauri has made significant national contributions in both peer-reviewed publications and national speaking engagements. She is committed to the highest standard of education, research, and clinical care, with a special focus on health equity. Lauri has served in many leadership and innovation-building capacities with the Alliance of Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) and Association for Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM), including  the AAIM Diversity and Inclusion Committee, APDIM council, chair of APDIM Community Program Leaders Council, chair of APDIM Educational Research Outcomes Collaborative, APDIM Spotlight Committee, APDIM Educational Innovations Program, AAIM collaborative for Healing and Renewal for Medicine, chair of the AAIM Collaborative Learning Community, and AAIM Innovations Committee.